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Biografia di livio girivetto mensio

Turin, was born in May of 1964
formed artistically driven by Piero Ruggeri and Giorgio Ramella at the First Art School in Turin.
Completed his studies in painting disciplines with Mario Davico and Sergio Saroni Albertina Academy of Fine Arts
the same city.
Even before the conclusion of the academic cycle and 'already ' active theater scene in Turin seventeen hired as a designer by the Assemblea Teatro of avant - garde theater company.
The stagecraft him to the technical knowledge of materials
and the language of communication.
His sculptures and installations scenic supporting big names of contemporary theater not placing the diaphragm
between stage and art gallery.
He moved to France and on his return to Italy
in 2005 he founded the cultural center CasaToesca and in the same year
and ' appointed artistic director of Villa Vallero (To)
Care numerous exhibitions of historical and contemporary art, and in 2010
and ' appointed Artistic Director of the Open Air Museum Italo Bolano,
forty years on from its foundation ' Elba Island,
called one of the most 'beautiful artistic nature trails
Livio Girivetto Mensio,
With the spectacle of his art through installations and performances will reinforce the material covered, combining traditional artistic disciplines, developed for its formation, the expressions of communication more ' contemporary art.
And ' described by his closest friends ' loved ones as " the man with the suitcase. "


livio girivetto mensio

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