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Biografia di bogdana andras

About the workshop

We are a few artists with a strong vision for ceramic art and a lot of love for clay&glaze.

Our headquarters is in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania.

About the artworks

These ceramic artworks are produced using an enhanced version of the Japanese Raku technique and a special artistic concept based on “asymmetry” and “natural”.

All objects are manually crafted.

One of the special feature of this technique is the apparent cracked glaze which makes the object look old. This is due to the brutal burn of the oxygen in the glaze in the final stage of the process.

Another feature is the incredible reflections and nuances of the glazes/colors. This is due to the high temperatures the glazes are burnt at. The applied textures also contribute to these visual effects.

Another distinctiveness is that the unglazed areas remain gray/black and not white as in common clay/techniques, giving special contrasts and impressive feeling of the objects.

The glaze (the color) is highly resistant, it will “live” as long as the object and cannot be washed away. This happens due to the technique used for manufacturing it: first, the object was burnt at 1000 degrees Celsius, second, it was impregnated with the glaze (color) and third, it was burnt again at 1200 degrees Celsius and taken out of the kiln suddenly, while still glowing.

The clay we use is a special, enhanced one, resistant to thermal shock required by this particular technique.


bogdana andras

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