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Biografia di gabriella raimondi

Gabriella Raimondi, born in Palermo (Italy), started learning art in 1980 attending, for a few years, to a laboratory and workshop of a famous Master of sculpture, who is also teacher of arts at the “Academy Arts“ in Palermo.

In that period, she learnt the basic knowledge of clay and the traditional ceramics.
In 1990 she improved her techniques, attending “Oriental paintings and Ceramic” courses, held by qualified Masters, in the USA and China.

Coming back to Italy, in 1995 she also attended a 3 year course in a famous Ceramic School in Milan.

Nowadays, she works together with others artists (Team Raku) in a Ceramic Laboratory in Cornaredo (Milan). This laboratory is well-known and qualified in the Milan area in teaching Raku techniques, and organization of art exhibitions.


gabriella raimondi

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